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it’s hard to believe that it is already June and that the year is almost half over!

luckily for me, I got to spend 3 weekends in June with 3 fabulous couples. and even tho the temperature has been rather chilly, the sun came out and lit things up to give me some gorgeous light to work with.

the first couple that I have for you is Emily and Andrew.

these two were both like kids in a candy shop when I arrived the morning of their wedding they both had the biggest smiles and were so excited. both Emily and Andrew have a great sense of humor…so there were little jokes flying around all day. it was great! I love it when a bridal party has lots of laughing and smiling going on!

one of my favorite moments is when couples decide to do a first look. its always such a magical moment to watch.

in fact, the moment that Emily turned Andrew around she said, “awww you are wearing my favorite glasses’

the ceremony was extra special as well…Andrew’s dad was the officiant!

one of my favorites!

you wouldn’t guess it from this photo…but it really was freeeeeeeezing out.

the inside of this venue was fabulous. I really love the white and how wide open everything was!

cupcakes for dessert Emily loves to bake, so I knew that no matter what type of dessert was served it was going to be good!

Emily and Andrew, Thank you so much for a fabulous day! watching the two of you become one and being surrounded by your family and friends was a true pleasure. I wish you both nothing but the best in your new life together!



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Yoga Musings Breathe.

Close your eyes.

Inhale. Exhale.

Don’t think, just breathe.


That moment in between the inhale and the exhale…magic happens here.

It’s where those moments spark.

Insanity. Curiosity. Determination.

All willing you forward.

These moments will change you, mold you, build you into something better.

Emotions happen here too.

Happy, sad, funny, mad.

Its where the focus lives.

Where that drive to go a little further pulls from and pushes you to.

That delicate balance is in each breath.

Each moment in between the inhale and the exhale.

So breathe.

Close your eyes.

Breathe deep.

Fill your lungs.

Bring it all in and let it all out.

Open your eyes and look around, you’re bound to see something in a new light.




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Ready. Set. Go. spring is finally here.

the buds on the trees are starting to grow larger. flowers are popping up all over the place. the grass….is greeeeeeennnn. things are starting to get prettier by the day. the days are getting longer. the sunrises and sunsets are becoming more gorgeous with each passing day.

spring is Mother Nature’s breath of fresh air for everyone.

ANNNDDDDD it’s FINALLY starting to get warm out!

little dog and I are SO, SO, SO ready for warm weather. he is pumped to go outside, lay in the sun and watch the world pass by. I am SUPER excited for warm weather, weddings, being outside, enjoying my little dog, friends, and life. I have a feeling this summer is going to be another crazy one. I have a ton of amazing weddings lined up with some fabulous clients.

I also am pretty excited to mow the lawn (who would have thought?!), have a garden (or try!), and sit on my front porch.

I have so much that I want to do this summer. just thinking about it all makes me super happy. now, here’s to hoping that it all doesn’t fly by too fast

and…because I can’t post without some photos…here are some of my upcoming clients

meet Lauren & James

meet Emily & Andrew

and, meet Megan & Matt

all three of these couples are gettin’ hitched in May, and I am lucky enough to be the one photographing their wedding day!!

I am so excited to be part of these couple’s days. all three couples were so much fun to hang out with during their engagement photos, I can’t wait to see what the day of their wedding brings.



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Yoga Musings

the room is quiet, dark, and full of breathing bodies.

eyes closed, bodies at rest, soft breath coming in and going out.

its that silent moment between the ending of the savasana song

((this time it was Goodbye Girl by the Civil Wars))

and waking the body to end class.

in that moment, I sit cross legged on the floor in front of the class, before I speak, I take pause to remember this moment.

this quiet.

this breath.

this hour.

this day.

I remember everything that the last hour has brought…crazy, wild, laughing, smiling, breathing, moving & sweating…

and I give thanks for every person in that room.

my partner in crime that I so luckily get to co-teach with,

everyone that took the time to come & practice with us,

each laugh, smile, and crazy phrase that came flying out of people’s mouths.

yes, these are the moments that I want to remember, forever.



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day 10 was a day of travel.
a LONG day of travel.
sitting by the window on the plane watching the stars out the window is one of my favorite things.
just watching the world pass by beneath me while I fly is a favorite pastime.
almost as good as people watching.
being able to watch the stars right outside my window and feel like I can reach out and touch them is magical.
what is even better is chasing the sunrise and pulling the blanket of stars over the earth behind us.
gazing out the window to see the reflection of the sun rising against the tops of the clouds…THAT is pretty amazing.
throughout this whole trip I have been able to watch the sunrise and set everyday.
the travel home was certainly not quite as smooth as the way to Bali.
the plane was late leaving Bali.
we landed in Shanghai and had to switch terminals.
and then had to wait until boarding time.
the flight started out delayed leaving Shanghai.
we got on the plane and there were issues.
so we waited.
and waited.
over 2 hours of waiting.
we deboarded the plane because the issues weren’t being resolved.
and they told us to prepare to more than likely stay the night in Shanghai.
and then, after getting off of the plane, we pretty much got right back on.
and just like that…we were backing out and heading out to the runway.
we left Shanghai late.
WAY late.
to be honest….I really didn’t think I would be leaving Shanghai at all on Sunday.
but, that is neither here nor there, because the stars aligned and everything worked out and up and away we went.
even though we were late, on both flights, everything worked out for the best.
coming home from a great trip is always bittersweet.
as much as I didn’t want the trip to be over, in a way I was ready to go home.
ready to go home, reflect and take on the world.
I have so many ideas and plans.
I absolutely love that.
and I feel like I am ready and I know that I will be able to get done what I need to in order to accomplish these goals.

in more ways than one, this trip was a breath of fresh air for me.
both literally and metaphorically.
I was given a chance to step out of my little world and comfort zone at home and re-evaluate not only myself but where I want my life to go.
I also want to say thank you to all of the ladies that were on this retreat.
I love the bond that we developed. each one of you brought something fantastic to the group. it was awesome to be able to establish a bond like that in the course of just a few days. I really feel like I have known you all for a long time. and I am SO, SO excited to see where all of our adventures lead us. the things that we all have planned for the future will no doubt be amazing. and I am so thankful for the things you taught me about myself. things that I knew were there, but just needed that little bit of a push to reinforce the meaning. I hope you had some of the same things happen.
and to Debbie and Kellie, thank you, thank you, thank you for being our fearless leaders,
for bringing me on as the staff photographer,
for showing me another slice of heaven on this earth,
and for giving me that extra little push to be great.
you two are amazing, in more ways than I can even begin to explain.

fabulous group of ladies
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Day 9 | Bali Retreat 2013 day 9 was the last official day of the retreat.

we had some free time in the morning before we headed to Radiantly Alive yoga studio for an AUM meditation class.

so I was able to hang out and take some portraits of some of the other ladies

gorgeous, inside & out!

we went to the radiantly alive yoga studio in Ubud and got to participate in an AUM meditation. we even made a new friend before class! 

before class….and after class…

the AUM meditation class isn’t exactly your typical meditation class…it is a crazy release of emotions. everything from anger, to happiness, to crying, to laughing and dancing. it was certainly an experience. I can’t say that I loved it, but I didn’t dislike it either. I think I would have to do it again to be sure of my feelings on this class.

then it was time to head back to the resort to get cleaned up, eat dinner, and begin the wait of sending group members off to the airport to travel home.

but first….selfies in the backseat

dinner was, of course, amazing.

and completed with some homemade frozen yogurt and fruit…yummmmm

and some gifts for our fearless leaders…

followed by a few more portraits….

and relaxing before leaving for home

and, my personal favorite, acoustic guitar & singing

overall it was a great trip. I got to meet and connect with some fabulous ladies that are scattered across the US & Canada.

even better knowing that we will all cross paths again soon



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Day 8 | Bali Retreat 2013 today we had a full day of coaching,  learning, and just hanging out around the resort.

I could totally get used to morning and afternoon yoga everyday.

I really love the bond that we have established as a group.

its really neat to see how close we have become in just one week’s time.

I love knowing that I have some new yogi sisters that are scattered across the states & canada.

morning meditation

a girl could get used to all the assisting that goes on during class

then we had a whole bunch of coaching going on

we had a great afternoon yoga class before and amazing dinner

we ended the day with a beautiful sunset, some after dinner drinks, and laughs by the pool.



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Day 7 | Bali Retreat 2013 today, I’m letting the photos tell the story and show the beauty.

and going a little old school, bringing it back to black and white



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Day 6 | Bali Retreat 2013 how is it that I have been gone for 6 days already?!?!

although time has graciously passed by slowly, it has also sped by.

I am loving how full the days are. when time can creep by and we can pack so much into one day, that make me so happy.

yesterday was another full day.

we went on a silent meditative hike. it was an interesting and gorgeous hike to a temple through some rice patties. we had to forge a small stream, walk through some muck and trek across the uneven ground through the patties. all while the sun was coming up over the horizon.

we hiked to a small temple and looked around for a little while, taking in all of the colors, sounds and textures. its so interesting here how they celebrate the their culture…and are so passionate about it.

when we got back from the meditative hike, we had the most amazing yoga class. it was so neat to put all of our mats in a circle and co-teach the class together. breathing, movement, and sweating. the whole practice just flowed from one to the next, to the next. not all of us here are teachers, but we have all practiced.

after a great morning practice we got into more life coaching. digging deeper into some of the aspects of having powerful conversations and  making the most out of everything that we talk about.

and these are the great people that I get to work with on this trip! so, so thankful for this fabulous team and opportunity!

THEN…we got to the house of a chocolate maker. YUMMMM.

after an afternoon of coaching we had a great dinner and then a great detox flow.

all in all it was a great day.



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Day 5 | Bali Retreat 2013 another full day here in Bali.

we started out with some meditation, which is something that I have never done before. so I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to sit through it…because we all know how much sit I have. but it was a great experience, I don’t know that I could do it for much longer than the 20 minutes or so that we did it for…but hey, its a start!

after that we had a great yoga class. I am totally loving this yoga flow everyday. a girl could totally get used to it.

and of course…we had a some AMAZING food.

we also had a half day to do some exploring in the city. we headed into the city, Silvia and I went to one of the local cafes. I love being able to sit a cafe and just take in the surroundings. good conversations, fantastic  drinks and soaking in the atmosphere.

after an great morning in town, we had an amazing lunch.

and lets face it…all of the food here has been amazing. fresh and fabulous.

after some afternoon coaching training, we got to go to a home of a Balinese family. this was such an amazing thing to be able to do. we got a tour of the family compound, make some offerings, eat a traditional meal, watch some traditional dancing AND meet the CUTEST puppy…ever



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Joe & Jen | MARRIED! | Green Lake, WI Wedding & Portrait Photographer happy almost June!

today I have Joe & Jen on the blog again

these two were married in late March, on a dreary grey day.

despite the not-so-shiney weather, everyone was full of smiles & laughs.

it was fabulous to spend the day amongst Joe & Jen’s closest friends & fmaily members.

I started the day at the Heidel House in Green Lake at the Spa on campus.

the Heidel House is an amazing venue. it was stunning on a grey dreary day…I can only imagine what it is like on a bright sunny day!

I think I may have loved the little old white church that they got married in almost as much, if not more than, the Heidel House.

little old churches just have SO MUCH CHARACTER!

enjoy a few of my favorites from Joe & Jen’s day

Joe & Jen,

thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your day! I had a fabulous time capturing and celebrating your day!



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San Francisco & the Travel Bug | personal | Wisconsin Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer i love to travel.
i love seeing things i have never seen before.
i love seeing things i have seen before.
whether its going to a park around home that i haven’t before or going to a new city, state or country.
both the familiar and unfamiliar are things that make me happy.
make me smile.
so when i decided i was headin’ west, i was super excited to explore somewhere new.
something ihad never seen before.
something COMPLETELY out of the normal.
little did i know how much i would feel at home out there.
which, was fantastic as well because it made going alone much easier.
6 years ago i was living in Sevilla, Spain.
it was the best thing i have ever done.
honestly San Fran felt A LOT like Sevilla.
coincidentally because it was a HUGE Spanish port back in the day.
i stayed just outside of the Fisherman’s Wharf area.
and let me tell you…those HILLS.
i don’t know how people RUN up them…sheesh. it was enough of a workout just to WALK up them!
anyway, enjoy some of San Fran!!

hello, denver. i had a 52 minute layover in denver. ha. by the time i got off of the plane, it was time to get right back on! i love having a window seat…basically for this reason…chasing the sun as it sets over the west by the time i landed and got out of the airport and to my hotel it was late. ok…it was only like 8pm in san fran…but i felt like it was 10pm. stupid time zones. after a good sleep…which resulted in me being awake at 5am because i was still on central time…i was ready for breakfast & to start the day. really, i had no plans what-so-ever for my time out there. i really enjoyed being able to just wander around. stop, browse, and just take in the atmosphere. so many adorable botique shops ahhh yes, the candy store. i <3 that little tiny store. just a little collection of candy throughout the years. AND NOW…thanks to Target …the candy store came to me!! woo!!! i also wandered through Ghiradelli square which was fabulous. there is just a little bit of everything there. chocolate, wine, food, nick-knack stores, good-smelling-stuff, and a whole bunch of history.  i also wandered out onto this pier thing…where you could see the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. it was fabulous to sit and people watch out there. which is another FAVORITE past time of mine and OOOOHHHH there was SO much to people watch  i’d go back just to sit and watch people. the fisherman’s wharf has an aquarium i <3 aquariums… i found nemo & dory. some fishies that were apparently hungry…and flotsum or jetsum from the little mermaid… AND JELLIES!!!! this dude was totally putting on a show for the camera. the flowers were all in bloom while i was out there too. which led me to spend a good chunk of time just taking flower photos. sunset on the bay ahh…what a perfect way to end a vacation. one of the most peaceful & relaxing times.

now that the travel bug has bit me…i am anxious to go on some more adventures

happy sunday



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on running & music | part III | lifestyle portrait & wedding photographer well, hello May.

I guess it has been pretty quiet on here for a hot minute.

I have been up to lots of things lately.

mainly, running.

and running, and running.

people ask me what I am running from. and what I am running to.

I have no clue. I just like to run.

and listen to music

I suppose you could say that I am training.

because not only have I signed up for a 5k, 10k…but also a half marathon.


yes, a half marathon.

am I nuts?!?!

probably. But we’ll leave that for a whole different post.

I am pretty excited to add that of the list of things to do this summer.

not that I don’t have ENOUGH to do already.

I have some pretty exciting posts coming up:

San Fransisco & the travel bug.

Joe & Jen’s Wedding

the H Family.

the Sketchbook Project.

seniors & families, since the trees & flowers are in bloom…I have some fabulous deals for you

I have also been working on my 101 in 1001 list.

you know, that ‘bucket-type’ list of things I want to do.

oh, and say hello to my new favorite band: THE CIVIL WARS

they are pretty much the best, EVER.

so, go check them out. show them some love.

[ps]…John Paul & Joy …..PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEE come to Milwaukee. Green Bay. Sheboygan. somewhere close. mmkay?!?! pretty please?!?!

and since no post is complete without some photos…

instagram recently came out with their android app

I may be a little obsessed…just sayin’

psssttt…. wanna follow me on instagram?! maggielynn07

happy wednesday



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Tracy & Jeremy | ENGAGED! | Wisconsin Wedding & Portrait Photographer happy tuesday!

can you believe its april?!?!

seriously, where has 2012 gone?

i feel like it was just yesterday that i was talking about it being january.

time…please slow down a hot minute

today i have Tracy & Jeremy on the blog.

these two are getting married in september…and let me tell you…i cannot wait!

we met this past november (on what was probably one of the windiest days) at harrington beach state park in belgium. this park is HUGE. with tons of fun places for photos.

it also happens to be right along lake michigan

so, not only were we able to poke around in the woods, but we were also able to have some laughs down by the lake!

these two were honestly so much fun to spend a couple hours with! we laughed SO MUCH! it was fabulous.

if there is one thing i love [other than taking people's photos] it has to be laughing.

first we started down by the lake…since it was windy and chilly we figured we might as well get the coldest place first! lots of laughing & smiles scrunchy-laughing-faces are my favorite…and what you don’t see…is me…laughing just as hard behind the camera! i said something to them here about doing a ‘mean muggin’ ‘ face, and if you have been around me a hot minute…you would know that ‘mean muggin’ ‘ is a regular vocab word of mine

i think these two did a pretty good job of mean muggin’ after freezing down by the lake we walked through the woods & trails a little more inland…and found some neat little nooks & crannies in the trees i just love all of the details on Tracy’s ring i told them to do something fun…and then kiss…i’m pretty sure they nailed both

and also prooves my point of being super excited for their wedding!

Jeremy & Tracy,

it was a blast hanging out with you for a few hours to capture some engagement photos! I am so excited to be part of your big day in a few months!!



]]> (ML Photography and Design) engagement photography wedding adell belgium cedar grove harrington state park kohler ml photography and design oostburg sheboygan sheboygan falls waldo wisconsin Tue, 03 Apr 2012 09:45:20 GMT Joe & Jen | GETTING MARRIED! | Green Lake, WI Wedding Photographer ahh yes, wedding season has begun

the grass is green, the trees are starting to bud, and the flowers are starting to make an appearance…thanks to the fabulous weather we have been having

let me tell you…this weather we have been having….ummm it can stay forever. please?!

anyway…i hope y’all are enjoying your saturday!

i am off at the Heidel House in Green Lake to photograph Jen & Joe’s big day!

here are a few photos from their engagement session! stop back soon for the full blog post of their big day!!

for their engagement session we met in Milwaukee’s historic third ward….

i <3 the third ward

like…a lot!

and even though it was RAINING FOR THE WHOLE SHOOT, we still had a blast! jen’s ring is amazing…all vintag-y and beautiful!



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changes | personal | Wisconsin Wedding & Portrait Photographer Change:

: to make radically different, to become different
: to give a different position, course, or direction to
: to undergo transformation, transition, or substitution
: alteration, transformation

change is a peculiar thing.
it can be good or bad.
happy and sad.
it can be as simple as putting a piece of jewelry on a different hand.
or even as complex as dealing with life’s many situations.

change is new nail polish, an old picture you found hidden away, a haircut, a pair of glasses rather than contacts, some new shoes, a different recipe, flowers blooming in the spring, opening the window on a bright sun-shiney day, or walking into a new chapter in life.

change is a crazy thing.
the past few months have brought about many, many changes for me.
some good, some bad, some happy, some sad, some simple and some complex.
sometimes I think to say I have simply changed is not enough.
its too simple of an answer, but yet a complex one all at the same time.

change is a funny thing.
change can be immediate, like an accident. a bump into a stranger in the store. a car crash.
change can be slow, gradual, and not completely noticeable. something that wasn’t necessarily there before, but now is all crazy and in your face.

change is a difficult thing.
change can be hard, even when it makes you happy and really is ‘for the best’.
change is that thing that most people are afraid of or don’t like.
because it is scary. its new. its different. its not the same.

change is a scary thing.
its learning to walk again.
learning that its ok to be weak.
its ok to be strong.
its ok to be yourself.
iIts ok to not let anyone dull your sparkle.
and most importantly, to not let anyone stifle your hopes & dreams.

change is an everyday thing.
every second we change.
change can be the decision between two things.
that split second when you think one and choose another.
it can change your world. Your life. everything.
forever and always can suddenly become some of the hardest and most horrible words you have ever heard.
change can be simply moving, breathing, living.

change is making through that impossible day.
making it through, realizing that it will be ok. that life can move on. that its really not so bad.
its that light at the end of the tunnel.
sometimes those tunnels feel like an eternity and an instant….all at once.

change is looking in the mirror and realizing that the person looking back at you is the same but different.
not just on the outside but on the inside too.
because even on your weakest days, in your weakest moments, you do indeed get a little bit stronger.

change is making things happen.
making something out of nothing.
realizing what happiness is and what it can be.
knowing that somewhere weakness is our strength.
knowing that your not perfect, but your working on it.
knowing its not the way you plan it, its how you make it happen.

change is feeling everything and nothing all at the same time.
change is knowing everything and nothing is all right and will be all right.
change is seeing everything and nothing flash before your eyes, in an instant and in an eternity at the same time.
change is getting through the days when everything and nothing is wrong all at once.
change is allowing yourself to be weak and vulnerable and allowing those closest to you to help you through the rough times.

To say I’ve changed is true.
mind, body and soul.
i looked at myself in the mirror a few days ago and decided to take a photo of myself and compare it to one i had taken just 6 short months ago. i wasn’t quite sure if i wanted to share this photo because i wasn’t sure how i would react to seeing the two next to each other. i know i’ve changed. i see myself everyday. everyday i look in the mirror and see me looking back. knowing that everyday i change a little more. everyday is a little different. sometimes I would notice little things, some days i would notices bigger things. my face suddenly looking slightly thinner. or my hair falling a little differently around my shoulders. suddenly longer than i remembered. my clothes fitting different, even at times too big or things that didn’t fit well a few short months ago now fit or are too big.

and now, without further a do…

all of these things are change to me.
what is change to you?



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Beth & Michael | MARRIED! | Elkhart Lake Wedding & Portrait Photographer how is it march already?!?!?

and…the MIDDLE of march for that matter!!??

the past 4 weeks have honestly flown past.

which…i’ll talk about in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned


today…i have for you, Beth & Michael

these two were married on february 18th…in 40* (yes…let me repeat that…40* in FEBRUARY IN WISCONSIN!) weather

which made for some lovely outdoor photos

let me just say that this winter has really been good to us…its march and the highs for last week and this week are in the 60′s & 70′s

these two were so much fun to be around.

their families…HILARIOUS. it was a day FULL of love and laughter.

what i love most about these two is how simple they are and how unique they are.

every aspect of their wedding showed who they were…from the paint cans on the tables & paint stir-er escort cards (Michael is a painter) to the elegant black & white with the elegant pops of red throughout (even the cupcakes had black, white & red! )

not gonna lie…the wedding programs that they put together were SUPER cute & creative! love it when brides add these little personal touches to their wedding.

the day began with everyone getting ready…the girls at Victorian Village & the boys at one of the groomsmen’s house just down the street.

after getting ready, it was time for Beth & Michael to have their first look.

one of my favorite moments is when a couple’s eyes meet for the first time on their wedding day. such a special moment

i love first look’s..really. its such a special moment to see the joy & love on two people’s faces the first time that the see each other on such a special day.

after a few minutes inside…we snuck outside to enjoy the sunshine & beautiful day

i just love Elkhart Lake…so many unique little nooks and crannies to take photos

after a teary-joy-filled first look, we grabbed the rest of the bridal party for some outdoor photos along the shore of a snow covered Elkhart Lake.

i think they are a little excited

then it was time for the ceremony filled with Beth & Michael’s closest family & friends

i love the photo above of Beth’s mom…she told me she was going to cry before the ceremony began

another one of my favorites above…i just love the emotion and happiness.

and after the ceremony it was time to paaarrrrtttyyyy

this last image really portrays how the whole day was…it was so amazing to be part of Beth & Michael’s day! so great to see how much these two people mean to the most important people in their lives.

Beth & Michael,

thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your big day!! it was so much fun to get a sneak peak into your lives and it was great to meet your friends and family! what a great bunch of people you have surrounding you!!! i wish you nothing but the best in the future!



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Beth & Michael | GETTING MARRIED! | Elkhart Lake, WI Wedding & Portrait Photographer happy saturday morning!

today i am off to capture the wedding of Beth & Michael at the Victorian Village in Elkhart Lake!

(one of my favvvvvv cities to take photos in!)

you might remember them from this post. if not, here are a few of their engagement photos:

these two were SOO much fun! I can’t wait to capture their wedding day!

it also looks like there is just enough snow to cover the icky brown grass

have a great saturday everyone!!



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birthdays, real life & crappy photos | personal i have some of the best friends.
[is it mandatory for a girl to say that about some of her bff's?!]
like seriously…they are some of the best people that I have ever had in my life.
that makes me feel SO THANKFUL.
from time to time we have girls nights…that usually look something like this…. and this…

BUT…what is even better is being able to plan surprises [annndd have no one spill the beans!]
this year we were able to help put together a surprise party for this lady right here… [who TOTALLY thought no one was doing anything]
thanks to her hubby for instigating the surprise…i’m pretty sure she was a happy camper

so naturally i HAD to bring my camera 
because …really…why wouldn’t I bring it?!
well…in order for me to be IN pictures i have to let other people TAKE the pics…
which can prove to be slightly difficult when no one understands back button focus
but, to those that did manage to snap some shots [whether they were good or not] a big huge THANKS! 

what a gorgeous group, huh?!
not gonna lie…sorta looks like a prom-posed-picture?! hahaha!
and the laughing…yea, that is standard & mandatory    always LOTS and LOTS of laughs.

ahh yes, me with a mouth full of pretzels…that is what happens when random people grab the camera and start snapping away before you finish chewing.
and yes, in all its blurry gloriness…that second photo does a good job of summing up the night.
BUUUUUTTTTT this last photo…yea, this is SO us in all of our glory….

probably one of my favorite photos
i SWEAR we are really normal 
or at least as normal as we have to be 
and yes….I know some of these photos are blurry and out of focus and not centered and every part of my photographer-self looks at some of them and thinks
‘oh geezz…i totally could have done this-that-and-the-other-thing to get a good shot with good exposure’.

but, what is life without a little inconsistency and a few good laughs 

here’s to a fabulous year, more birthdays, and lots and lots of memories & crappy photos



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on running & music | part II | Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer Ahhhh running. 

I have been running steadily for about 6 weeks now. and steadily means everyday. or almost everyday anyway.
and honestly, I look forward to knowing that I can go to the gym (or outside!!! because it has been SUPER nice out…40’s in FEBRUARY!) and let go of everything and just….run.
yea…I totally get that runner’s high.
that vibe where I can just go.
let the music play and keep one foot in front of the other.
yes, I am one of those runner’s that just let’s go of the day’s worries while running.
I think that might be the reason why I love it so much. running is such a stress reliever for me.
bad day, good day, in-between-day…going for a run just completes the day.
sometimes when I think about the fact that I am actually RUNNING…I think…dang…I’m running. wow.
I also find myself listening to different music thinking…I could run to this…it has a good beat.
I think the best part of this whole running deal is how awesome I feel after I am done.
also…another reason for running…in august….a few friends and I will be taking part in the dirty girl 5k!!!

it is a 5k AND an obstacle course.
mud, water, climbing, crawling.
and in WI this must be a big deal…. cause its sold out on the 18th & they opened another up for the 19th

seriously…go check it out.

as for music…Paramore is totally all over my playlist right now. their new songs off of their ‘Singles’ are seriously some of my fav’s.


Hello Cold World


but my all time FAVORITE running song….

Let the Flames Begin

I hope y’all had a fabulous weekend and have a fantastic week
I am SUPER excited for Saturday because it’s the first wedding of the year!! eeek!


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